Using Machinery to Educate Children


It seems that there are certain things that always draw the attention of children, such as animals, cartoons, and toys. However it appears that machines have a certain appeal that draws in a child’s imagination and sparks learning unlike anything else. Whether it’s cars, trucks, robots, or construction equipment, machinery will always be something that children enjoy in some form, and in this article we want to give you some tips about how to integrate these items into your child’s play and education time.

If you’re looking to find a way to bring the world of machines to your children, you should consider:

  • Taking your child to a robotics class- This is a great option that has gained steam throughout the world. Robotics classes start at ages of just 3 and go up from there, giving children the chance to get hands on with materials such as Lego, Tinker Toys, and other items to build simple machines that can be controlled via a computer program. While the classes aren’t the cheapest, they do provide an excellent STEM styled education experience.
  • Take your child to an auto show- No matter where you are, there are always car shows going on during the summer. Use this opportunity to get outside with your young one, and let them explore. Discuss the different styles of vehicles with your child, including the colors, shapes, and what the car’s function is. While doing this, allow them to sit in the vehicles and touch them if possible, as it will make the experience memorable and fun for your child.
  • Show your child our “Car Video”- Our Car Video has been developed to give your child an introduction to the various vehicles throughout the world, while also teaching them about colors, shapes, and numbers. Our video has been specifically designed to appeal to young children, and was designed by a pediatrician and award-winning film director to maximize the benefit to children. This video is not an “all in one” solution, but used in conjunction with some of the other techniques on this page, can boost your child’s interest in machines.
  • Contact a construction company to set up an open house- While many construction companies keep a busy schedule, it never hurts to call and see if the can accommodate a request to show your child some of their equipment. Around where I live, there are many companies that do this, and we have had the luxury of showing our children cranes, bulldozers, dump trucks (which are very popular), and excavators (or as my child calls them, diggers). Letting your child get into the seats of these machines is a wonderful learning experience, and I highly recommend you take the steps to have an experience like this if possible.

These are just a few of the options out there to help get your children involved with machinery, and mixing in fun and education to maximum benefit. We are curious to see what ways you have been able to get your children involved with machinery, so please feel free to comment below and let us know what ideas you have.

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